Does your vehicle have one of the following problems:

Does your vehicle have one of these problems:

  • Our vehicle workshop specializes in fuel injection and Turbo related problems only.
  •  We offer small to medium servicing of vehicles on request and appointment.
  • Hard starting when cold or hot
  • Excessive black or white smoke
  • Poor performance or misfiring, noisy engine
  • Excessive fuel consumption

Electronic Diagnosing and Fault finding:

We use the latest BOSCH FSA electronic diagnosing equipment in our workshop.  Together with highly trained staff and specialised equipment, we can offer you the best in fuel injection and turbocharger problems. 

Dynometer testing

Dupdiesel was the first workshop in the Western Cape to install a constant 4 X 4 rolling road loading dynamometer made by Hyper Power Dynos.  The dyno is just another tool in our workshop to ensure we give you the service you deserve

Vehicle smoke testing

Smoke Testing on Vehicles:

  • We use the Hartridge Smoke Meter 4 to test the opacity of the exhaust smoke.
  • This is the same system that the City of Cape Town uses to test vehicles at their Testing stations or on the road site.
  • Please call us to arrange an onsite smoke test for your fleet of vehicles when it is Convenient and the vehicles are all together for testing.
  • We issue a certificate after the vehicle was tested.